185 of the Best Companies for Remote Work in 2022

In contrast, 61 percent of the workforce in the United States can work no more than a few hours a week remotely or not at all. The remaining 17 percent of the workforce could work remotely partially, between https://remotemode.net/ one and three days per week (Exhibit 4). Additionally, employers have found during the pandemic that although some tasks can be done remotely in a crisis, they are much more effectively done in person.

If you find your match, there is an ‘apply’ button you can use. Sutherland refers to themselves as a leader in providing work-at-home solutions. They have seasonal what companies are going remote permanently customer service and sales opportunities. Working Solutions takes assignments and projects from clients and assigns them to employees to work from home.

Progressive Insurance

Many physical or manual activities, as well as those that require use of fixed equipment, cannot be done remotely. These include providing care, operating machinery, using lab equipment, and processing customer transactions in stores. In contrast, activities such as information gathering and processing, communicating with others, teaching and counseling, and coding data can theoretically be done remotely. AWeber Communications is a software company working to simplify email marketing for small businesses. These companies are committed to permanent remote work—explore their recent work-from-home jobs and start your search here.

Customer service representatives serve as the first point of contact for customers. They provide information or answer questions about products or services and handle and resolve complaints to provide a positive customer service experience. Through its 10th annual list, FlexJobs identified the Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs. The ranking shows the top 100 companies that posted the most remote jobs from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. Companies in every industry will always require customer service representatives to help ensure the satisfaction of their clients.

Cardinal Health

The company has been working remotely for over a decade. Job benefits include medical insurance, unlimited vacation, and free travel gear. The hiring process isn’t publicly available, but TestGorilla values alignment with its mission and values.

  • The company also offers advertising solutions for business owners.
  • UnitedHealth Group is a company in the healthcare industry.
  • The top company for remote work from anywhere jobs in 2024 is FluentU, an online education company …


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